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Photonics - MEPhI

Coherent Photonics Centre

University Scientific-Methodical Centre

A unique object of the scientific potential of Russia


A new scientific direction at the junction of Laser Physics, Optics and Quantum Radiophysics. Photonics solves the problems of classical electronics, using a stream of coherent photons instead of an electric current.

Photonics is electronics of the 21st century.

Organization of the Centre

The Scientific and Methodological Coordinating University Centre "Photonics-MEPhI" was established as a structural subdivision of MEPhI by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the basis of the international agreement "Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Photonics".

Scientific results

New fundamental results are related to

  • the study of laser crystals by the methods of microphotonics
  • investigation of the interaction of high-power laser radiation with matter by pulsed holography
  • the experimental detection of radiation saturation of semiconductor lasers with a holographic selector
  • the discovery of the Larkin-Lopatin effect
  • the discovery effect of planar focusing of laser radiation
  • the investigation of coherence as a new information parameter degenerate coherent field

The Centre works on two International scientific projects, involving 23 employees and five institutes from four countries.

The work of the Centre is awarded by the medal of the European Photonics Association, the certificate of the International Scientific Society, and the diploma of UNESCO.

Educational and methodical work

The lecture courses "Quantum Radiophysics" and "Coherent Photonics" were developed and read in the Russian and English languages. Upon the recommendation of the International Optical Commission a course of lectures was prepared and read at several foreign universities; in a collobaration with departments of MEPI and the RRC Kurchatov Institute created a monograph on the application of photonics methods in nuclear power: in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania - USA was published first university textbook on coherent photonics.

Scientific and organizational work

Two meetings of rectors of Russian universities were held, several international scientific projects were carried out, the International Symposium "Coherent Effects in Optics", the International Conference "Optics in Life Sciences", the International Conference "Photonics Materials" were organized and held.

On behalf of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, expert reports were prepared and read at the meetings of the European Council in Strasbourg and the United Nations meeting in Geneva.

International cooperation

The Centre actively cooperates with international scientific and public organizations, such as:

  • United Nations
  • Council of Europe
  • International Optical Commission
  • International Scientific Society Optics in Life Sciences
  • African Optical Association
  • European Photonics Association
  • European Society for the Study of New Materials
  • Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • Universities Rabat, Meknes, Tangier - Morocco
  • Universities Sendai, Osaka, Tokyo - Japan
  • Louis Pasteur University - France
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory - USA
  • Pennsylvania Research University - USA

Graduates of the Centre

K. Dotsenko Institute Director
N. Evtikhiev Head of the Department, Prefect
A. Erko Professor, Germany
A. Zarubin Professor, Germany
Yu. Kulchin Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of Science

Alexander Ivanovich Larkin - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of Experimental Physics, Professor of Laser Physics, Soros Professor, Full Member of IASH, Ambassador-Expert of the International Optical Commission.